Trans*, health and human rights

Trans people are seriously disadvantaged by not having accessible trans specific health care. As by not being able to access regular health care because of transphobia and discrimination. Vreerwerk keeps writing and talking about trans health and trans* people’s access to health care. Be it general health care or trans specific. With much discrimination – whether out of ignorance or willingly – trans people are disadvantaged.

Traditionally and unjustly, legal recognition issues and health trans(ition) related health care are strongly coupled.

We can show how to argue your case using human rights always is being forgotten or submitted to extraordinary requirements to be able to access health care, Vreerwerk offers lectures and workshops – live and on te web – in gaining a human rights background to patients’ rights, to getting your collective health rights.

Vreerwerk has experience in analysing the health rights situation for trans* and intersex people and can help people to advocate for their human rights with regard to good health care that does not discriminate. We are experienced in writing alternative health care standards and have been asked more than once to look at existing practices and advise on them.

We can show how to argue your case using human rights. Central questions here are:

  • What do human rights say about health care?
  • What is there on gender identity and expression in human rights?
  • What is “good health care” from a human rights perspective?
  • What systems and recommendations are there?
  • What should be in the package and why?
  • How to build local solutions?

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  1. Hello! In Czech Republic we are lucky – hormonal treatment and the actual sex change surgery are fully covered by health insurance. If you want further aesthetic surgery you have to pay for. Anyway I have been loughed at in hospital right after surgery (M2F) by nurses – 2 young girls! And one of them even told me I should sit when I asked her to put my lunch on a troley so I could eat! You would not expect that in a place ran by one of best surgeons in Europe… On other hand my general doctor (is that a proper word?) is hilarious. Last time I had my yearly checking and she wask asking me if I had regular menstruation. I told her, I had not any at all and she was horrified and then she goes: “Oh, I forgot!”. And we both loughed!… I think the ethics are part of education for doctors and nurses but it is abviously not enough. Can you imagine a woman coming to get her brest augmented and nurse is loughing at her for having small brests?
    Me as interior designer I´m not judging my clients private lives. Why should a doctor or nurse do it???

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