If cisphobia was real ..

Quite some people who do not understand the concept of trans discrimination think that trans people are exaggerating when they complain how they are seen, treated in society. To counter that or at least enlighten through putting trans* experience as the norm. Then cis people (non-trans people) would be the ones being discriminated.

This post highlights the best examples from this hashtag on Twitter the night of the 20th of February and some days after, by quoting them. Brackets indicate I left the hashtag out for legibility.

twitterbirdThe first ones tell about just simply not being believed and the consequences thereof:

#ifcisphobiawasreal People would lead their lives as trans as possible, just to avoid the hate and discrimination.


@BeitAni Gorski:
#ifcisphobiawasreal There would be a mental illness Dx [diagnosis, VW] for those fixated on using body parts as a basis for gender identity


@S0phieH (SuperSophie):
#IfCisPhobiaWasReal To prove you are Cis, you’d need to “act” cis for 2 years, see psychiatrists regularly and have 2+ doctors pronounce it.

On children and the ridiculous concerns:


#ifcisphobiawasreal cis teenagers would be put on puberty-delaying drugs until the age of 16 because they might change their minds.


@ksej (Darius Quebec):
(..) there would be a million concern-trolling op-eds about whether young people should be allowed to go through puberty


@Nataliesealeg (Natalie Oldham):
(..) cis people would have to spend their childhoods presenting a gender they don’t associate with

Some others stress

@S0phieH (SuperSophie):
#IfCisPhobiaWasReal “Look John, if you don’t wear a dress you’re simply not welcome at the wedding.”

Some on the insistent reufsal of people to gender others correctly

@AWHooker (Mx Alan Hooker):
#ifcisphobiawasreal “He? I’m not going to call you that. You clearly made up that word!”


@kitsunekuro (Prince of Wickedness):
(..) “What’s a ‘man’? You’ve made that up, you can’t be a gender I’ve never heard of.”

For work and respect:

@LaurakBuzz (Laura Kate Dale):
#IfCisphobiaWasReal Cis people would only get invited to be on panels when there is a specific question about Cisgender Discrimination


(..) All of your most prestigious published articles would have Cis somewhere in the title, alerting your future employers.

Being called out on the streets:

@jackellis1968 (Jack Ellis):
#ifcisphobiawasreal I’d regularly get people calling me a “cissy” or a “he-male” in public and laughing. That hasn’t happened either.

In feminist circles this transphobia leads to the slogan “Support your sisters, not your cis-ters”. There are quite some transphobic “radical feminists around like Janice “Transsexual Empire” Raymond, Cathy Brennan (very active on twitter under @GIDwatch and @gallusmag), Julie Burchill, and others who make a living out of destroying trans lives. Raymond was the cause that in the 1970ies most gender clinics int he USA closed down because of pressure. These ‘cisters’ are pure venom to trans women by their behaviour. Which causes @ctionry to (re)tweet

“RT: #ifcisphobiawasreal self declared feminists would attack cis women for just existing”


#ifcisphobiawasreal i’d be running a website called “cisgender identity watch” in order to oppress and dox cis people


Reversing reality is very enlightening.That show sa the crazy things trans people have to cope with.:

#ifcisphobiawasreal 40%+ of cis people would attempt suicide.


(..)You’re watching a sitcom, the cis character walks in, laughtrack plays.


@ctonry (Catherine Tonry):
(..) Cis people would be denied housing for being cis

(..) cis people could loose their jobs just for being cis


@stuxnetsource (Laurelai Bailey):
(..)  cis people would be driven to suicide for being cis
(..) there would be laws against being cis


#ifcisphobiawasreal, cis people would be asked invasive questions about their genitals on first dates and in every media interview.

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