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Our human rights education and advocacy with regard to trans* and inter* rights takes place through several activities. Find below a list of themes and instances we have been active.

Speaking engagements

  • Lecturing and advising on trans* related films: Movies that Matter, festivals
  • Lecturing on a regular basis on the state of trans* and inter* on Europe on various occasions


Gender education

  • Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE): lecturing
  • School for International Training (SIT Worldlearning): lecturing and supervising students with term papers
  • University of Michigan summer school social sciences at University of Amsterdam (UvA): lecturing on the origins of queer theory

Human rights education

  • Teach webinars on SOGI and human rights related themes for Human Rights Education Associates (HREA)
  • Developing courses in human rights and SOGIE and body diversity (syllabus for HREA)
  • Developing courses in human rights and trans*/inter* issues (Vreerwerk product)

Expert meetings

  • International Classification of Diseases and transgender health (with Global Activists for Trans Equality, GATE (Buenos Aires, 2012)
  • Capacity building of East and Southern African trans* activists with Mama Cash (Nairobi, 2012)
  • Expert panel LGBT and the workplace in Amsterdam (October, 2012)
  • CoE workshop in Tirana, Albania on trans* and inter* legislation

Participation in conferences
(speaking, panel participation, presiding round tables, workshops organising)

  • LGBT(I): ILGA Europe (2009,2010), UN/EU civil society meeting on SOGI issues (Paris, 2013), France (World IDAHO conference 2009)
  • Trans*: TGEU (Berlin 2008, Malmo 2010, Dublin 2012)
  • EU and UN conference in Paris (2013) on SOGI rights
  • World Outgames Human RIghts Conferences (Copenhagen 2009, Antwerp 2013)
  • Meeting Social Platform on the occasion of the Lithuanian EU presidency in Vilnius. For TGEU (2013)
  • Conference European Alternatives. Present on trans* and Freedom of Movement in Barcelona, Spain. For TGEU (June, 2013). Id., in Berlin, Germany: finishing Citizens manifesto for the EU Elections (trans* input)
  • Intersex: International Intersex Forum in Brussels (2011) and Stockholm (2012), Inter* Tagung in Berlin, Germany (2013)

Consultancy work with trans* organisations

  • Assisting Transvanilla in Budapest with strategic advice on politics and community building (August, 2013)
  • Advising OTD Chile in health care issues with regard tot legislation/protocols (2011)
  • Present workshops on gender normativity with LGBT educators, on conferences, LGBT events

Project development

  • Where is my health”:Trans health and human rights, towards a European advocacy strategy
  • Behave normal!” (work title): Transforming gender normativity in trans* people and bisexuals in the Netherlands


  • Ceremonies and manifestations: TDOR, Transgender Day Of Remembrance (from 2007, local and national), IDAHO manifestations (local)
  • Discussion nights on Depathologisation of trans* Identities, Latin America and trans*
  • Conferences (Congenid 2010, European Transgender Council, And Others work meeting),
  • Exhibitions (Melkweg Amsterdam, 2011)

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