Our vision

Vreerwerk’s vision of the world and work

We aim to break through (apart?) stereotypes around gender, gender identities and gender expressions. This goes for both trans people and non-trans people. The cisgendered (i.e. non-trans) are also entitled to be free from stereotypes about their way of life. We do this through gender education.

Our world needs major changes in its views of gender. Recognition of the existence of trans people is not enough because this will not abolish the injustice and discrimination trans people are facing daily. Vreerwerk wants a radically changed world, beginning with issues concerning gender rights.

Through education, individual and collective advocacy and analysis Vreerwerk aims at exposing and breaking through existing stereotypes around gender. Stereotyping actively reinforces an imbalance of power and unequal treatment of minorities. Sometimes through negligence bred by unfamiliarity and at other times due to inadequate legislation. Lack of awareness that being different often leads to discrimination can result in a high degree of unwitting discrimination and even violence.

Stereotyping leads to an imbalance of power. Gender stereotyping adds discrimination and maltreatment based on identity or expression of those not belonging to the dominant gender groups.

Really having equal rights strengthens minorities. Research has shown that trans people even more often than gays or lesbians are weakened by their lack of equal rights. Vreerwerk will help to redress this wrong.

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