International projects

Vreerwerk has direct international experience through the following projects and activities:

  • “.. And others!” Grundtvig project with TGEU, TrIQ, TENI, STA, Verein Diskursiv, STS: argumenting for trans equality in Europe with human rights discourse. Specifically responsible for the health care paragraph (2009-11)
  • Advising OTD in Chile with their argumentation in discussion with the national health ministry on transition protocols (2010)
  • Co-organising the Barcelona CONGENID first ever autonomous trans world conference: European coordinator in the international executive committee (2010)
  • Advisor on visit Mariela Castro Espín, director Cuban sexology Institute to the Netherlands (2011)
  • Advisor to transgender health care project on Puerto Rico (2012)
  • Organiser European trans health care advocacy project with several partners (2013)

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