This website is multilingual. That means practically items are written most
in Dutch and English. From time to time you may encounter Spanish work. However we will answer probably  German and French questions in the language in which they are posed. On parle français, wir reden Deutsch, se lê português, si legge l’italiano.

About, that is “qu’est-ce qui est vreer?”. ¿Quién soy yo?

I am vreer. In lower case, For my name is both a Name and an indication of a genus, that of the mixter (translation of ‘vreer’), a sub genus of the in-between-gender people. Also I don’t have That Much with identity, so why use a capital V then.

Since I collaborated in 1997 in organizing the symposium  “Between men & women: on the boundaries of sex, gender and sexuality” I am involved in trans* related work. In recent years more professionally.

Through Vreerwerk I am available for education and training in the field of (trans)gender in education, enterprise, civil society. We now also develop custom-made courses in human rights with regard to issues of sex, sexuality or gender.

Vreerwerk gives workshops, presentations, guest lectures at universities and conferences. Where there is interest we can be of help. If not personally we know where to get the mustard. Our network is huge and spans the globe.

Next to gender education we mostly engage in (international) advocacy in trans* affairs. We were co-organisers of the 2010 Barcelona autonomous global Congenid trans* conference, where we prepared and worked on the trans health care paragraph and wrote a piece on networks for human rights defenders. From an intersectional mindset we engage in many discussions online and offline to advance the right of trans* and intersex people.

Kindly, vreer


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